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Grenvo & Bizol Partner

Since 2014 GRENVO has been the producer of oils and greases for BIZOL in India. Under the name BIZOLGrenvo. Starting with mineral oils and building the market, GRENVO now also blends all BIZOL’s synthetic oils.

This is the first and only time that BIZOL has allowed its oils to be blended outside of Germany. A huge compliment and vote of confidence in GRENVO.

BIZOL and GRENVO launched the joint brand BIZOLGrenvo at Auto Expo in 2014. When there Mr Mark Mathias was interviewed by MOTORINDIA on BIZOL’s new product launch and its new partnership. Mark observed: “BIZOL has found a partner who has the same values and are excellent in marketing with their extensive knowledge of the Indian market.

BIZOL will now produce oils of German standard in India, tailor-made to meet the local needs. All. Green Oils are a special range of synthetic lubricants made by BIZOL, tailor made for luxury cars stuck in city traffic as it reduces the amount of wear on motor parts,
also reduces the fuel and motor oil that your vehicle needs. There by saving three to four per cent in fuel consumption.

BIZOL sell their oils in 63 countries across the globe. This is the first time BIZOL are making oils outside Germany, and India is the only country BIZOL has entered into an agreement with. India is very special for us.”

“We are excited to launch the BIZOLGRENVO new product line. We will bring to the Indian consumer premium German technology standards. The partnership would focus on OEMs and the aftermarket.

BIZOL have approvals from major commercial vehicle manufacturers like MAN, Volvo, Daimler, BMW, VW, etc. are planning to add value to the Indian market”.