FBR Volume 9 Issue 3 (September 2020)

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Editorial: Business Practices and Lessons from Emerging Markets

Emerging economies are high growth and high potential markets.  Therefore, emerging economies have been eye candy for the inward foreign direct investment in numerous business sectors. However, emerging market multinationals (EMC) are facing challenges such as limited resources, innovation, information access, and experience, especially in developed markets. Since the last two decades, firms from emerging countries are penetrating into foreign markets. Multinationals from leading emerging economies like China, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey and Brazil have achieved dominant positions in many industries in terms of market share. FIIB Business Review Volume 9 Issue 3 highlight the business practices in emerging markets keeping their requirements and strengths.




Regime Type and COVID-19 Response

by Ilan Alon, Matthew Farrell and Shaomin Li The article provides a preliminary comparison between democracies and authoritarian regimes in their responses to COVID-19, and policy suggestions for democracies to improve their governance and their ability to respond to crises.
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COVID-19: A Socio-Economic Perspective

by Kanupriya The article seeks to locate the pandemic, its challenges and probable solutions within a socio-economic, political and medical sciences perspective. It examines the current situation and also factors in any future changes.
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An Assessment of Dubai Metro Service Performance Using SCOR Model and ARENA Simulation

by Balan Sundarakani, Niyazudeen Kamarudeen and Ioannis Manikas The authors apply the supply chain operations reference (SCOR) model combined with the ARENA model simulation to examine the service performance in the Dubai Metro using the real-time flows of metro service operations and simulates the passengers’ service time in selected terminals. The proposed recommendations have the potential to contribute to service performance improvement of the metro rail, as Dubai plans for its operational expansion process towards Expo 2020. The findings of this article contribute to both the theory and practice of travel behaviour in the metro transportation service.
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  • Barbie in Wheelchair: Mattel’s Respect to Customer Voice by Jashim Uddin Ahmed, Ayesha Tahsin Ananya, Kazi Pushpita Mim, Asma Ahmed and Sarika Iqbal

The case looks at how innovation and inclusiveness can help a company make a space for itself in minority groups, which are often overlooked.


    • Book Review: Sandip Sen and Aarohi Sen’s India Emerging: From Policy Paralysis to Hyper Economics by Aanchal Singh

    The book documents the journey of the Modi government since its election in 2014, and the steps taken by it towards economic revival and the challenges encountered in the process of successful policy implementation. Simplistic and informative, the book is an addition to the growing literature on ‘Emerging India’.


Competitive Dynamics Between Multinational Companies and Local Rivals in Emerging Markets

by Sam Al-Kwifi, Allam K. Abu Farha and Wael S. Zaraket The article highlights how multinational companies from emerging economies (EMNCs) compete with MNCs using secondary data from 2001 to 2016. Findings suggest that firms’ awareness and capabilities play a key role in developing their competitive advantages required to enhance market position. Thus, managers need build a comprehensive view of the competition and understand how this competition is evolving over time, to develop capabilities, pursue new opportunities, and predict competitors’ responses.
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Public Expenditure and Economic Growth: Evidence from the Developing Countries

by Deepti Ahuja and Deepak Pandit The authors re-examines the relationship between public expenditure and economic growth using panel data set covering 59 countries from 1990 to 2019. The results confirm unidirectional causality between economic growth and government expenditure where the causation runs between public spending and GDP growth.
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Purchase Preferences and Buying Influences on Religious Occasions

by Md. Rahat Khan, and Kritika Sharma The article attempts to understand consumer buying behaviour around religious festivals. Using ethnographic research methods, the study found that consumers went on a shopping spree Eid-ul-Fitr in Bangladesh. This has important managerial implications for companies that are trying to attract customers during the festival.
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Entrepreneurial Networks and Venture Growth: Insights from Information Technology Firms in an Emerging Marke

by Bharat Bhushan, Raj Kovid and Deepa Kumari The authors use network approach of entrepreneurship to investigate the relationship between networks and the growth of entrepreneurial ventures. The findings reveal that different characteristics impact firms differently; thus, adding to the need of a dynamic view of entrepreneurial networks with evidence from emerging markets. Culture is a dynamic force in emerging economies which are found on deep-rooted traditions.
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